This year's summer brought us the hottest July since weather records began. Who wants to go to the Canary Inslands, to Italy or to the Côte d'Azur in this weather? Summer holidays are also an option in Germany, as our highlights of holiday destinations will show.

"Sylt macht sychtig" (engl.: Sylt leaves you addicted to it): This is how the island's website advertises the beautiful island in the North Sea. We can't disagree with that either. The largest of the North Frisian islands has lots to offer: Wadden sea whereever the eye can see and when there is no more mudflat so see, the surfers ride the waves. The waves and the wyn(d) make Sylt what it is. And yes, wyn(d) is not a typo: In Söl'ring (local spelling) wyn is wind and descrives the heart of the island. The wind sweeps over the kilometre-long beaches and whirls up the sand between the numerous dune bridges.

Blown by the wyn(d) on the North Frisian Island

Die Außenansicht des Strandhotels Wyn von Arcona auf Sylt.

The Sylt attitude of living in freedom has been reflected in the freshly opened "Wyn. Strandhotel" from arcona Hotels & Resorts. The Sylt residents themselves can also be found in the hotel: Sylt's faces, which were chosen in a photo competition, welcome the guests in the entrance area. From an open reception you'll find your way directly into the heart of the Lobby, the living room. The oasis of peace invites you to linger and sit comfortably. The lobby character is deliberately pushed into the background.

Die Küchenbar im Strandhotel Wyn von Arcona auf Sylt.

Besides the faces of Sylt, surfing is a trademark of the island. The biggest Surf Cups in the world take place several times a year directly infront of the "Wyn" and attract visitors in droves. The surfer's feeling of life on the Brandenburger Strand is also reflected in the interior design of the hotel. In the middle of the restaurant has been placed a surfboard as a table that catches your eye. The surfers can take a seat after an exhausting championship day and find peace and quiet. The surfboard is also the centre of communication and a regular's table for relaxation holidaymakers.

On the other side of the island, "Severin's Resort & Spa" awaitsn those looking for an oasis of peace and relaxation. What could be more suitable than 1500 sqm wellness area with five thermal saunas? "Severin's" is a perfect combination of exclusivity of a five-star house and the typical Sylt style: the luxurios rooms and apartments are located under the longest thatched roof in Europe.

Muted and elegant colours meet a luxury feeling. The rooms impress with their unagitated design, which, however, always has small details ready to be discovered. So you can also discover the kitchen and other storage space in a TV unit at the same time. So there's plenty of room to give yourself completely to your own thoughts and breathe deeply.

Disney dream castle as near as it could be

Many little girls are also in deep thoughts when it comes to the beautiful Disney castle. But that doesn't require a trip to Paris or even to Disney World in the USA. There is also a real live Disney experience in the Bavarian Allgäu. There you'll find the fairytale Neuschwanstein Castle, which - according to legend - is said to have served as a model for the Cinderella Castle designed by Walt Disney. From the "Marienbrücke" you have an unmistakable view of the castle of King Ludwig II, which attracts more than 1.5 million tourists every year.

Schloss Neuschwanstein_Unsplash

The freshly renovated "AMERON Neuschwanstein Alpsee Resort & Spa", which belongs to the Althoff Group, is situated at the foot of the famours fairytale castle. "Tradition meets modernity, classic elegance meets urban flair", is how the hotel itself describes the atmosphere of their place, which is located directly near the Alpsee. The room design is characterised by a modern nuance and is speeped in history. "Alpenrose", "Jägerhaus" and "Lisl" are old Hohenschwangauer houses that have had a decisive influence on the surrounding area. A harmonious concept that fits perfectly on the outside and creates positive surprises on the inside.


Germany as vacation destination: What is your favorite spot for your holidays?

We are aware that Germany certainly has many more beautiful places. Hence the question: What are your favorite destinations in Germany? Where did you spend your most beautiful vacation? And where have you always wanted to go? The holiday hotel industry in Germany is on the advance and recognises that many Germans don't want to spend their holidays far away. Germany has so many beautiful areas that we haven't yet explored. We are curious to see what else is the developing in this respect.